Enhancing Local Building Projects with Quality Construction Products

16 September 2023

 Enhancing Local Building Projects with Quality Construction Products

Building robust, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing structures is no easy task. It takes a village, an experienced team of professionals, top-grade materials, and reliable construction products. This is where Auckland-based business, Construction Products, comes in, providing top-notch building solutions to the greater Auckland Region.

With a strong commitment to supporting the local economy and promoting sustainability, Construction Products offers exceptional customer service and a wide array of quality construction materials. It is our belief that choosing locally-based businesses over large corporate entities aids in keeping local jobs and services alive. Not only does this choice benefit the economy, but it also guarantees personalised service and immediate access to resources.

Here at Construction Products, we offer an extensive range of products including Plastic Packers, Deck Jacks, Polythene, and other Building Products. Our collection is available for you to shop online conveniently from the comfort of your home or office.

We prioritize safety above all, which is evident from our comprehensive selection of safety products like Earmuffs, Eyewear, Face Shield, Hardhats, High Visibility Vest, and Masks. No construction project should compromise the health and safety of its workers, and we ensure you are fully equipped to create a safe working environment.

We take pride in supplying niche products that cater to specific needs in the building industry. Our assortment includes Rebar Chairs, Pile Cage Wheel, Pile Pad, Foil, Geogrid, and more. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, we’ve got you covered.

One particular aspect of our business that we are proud of is our environmental consciousness. Our range of Polythene products such as Poly Bags, Polythene Joining Tape, and Polythene Tubing, are designed to resist degradation, offering long-lasting solutions for various construction needs while minimizing environmental impact.

Besides the actual construction products, we also offer supplementary items such as Cleaning Products, Hand Sanitiser, Wipes, and First Aid Kits. These essentials keep your working environment clean, healthy, and secure, reflecting our commitment to comprehensive building solutions.

At Construction Products, we value customer satisfaction and work diligently to address all your building needs. Our team offers unrivalled customer service, giving clients a more personal, more satisfactory experience than one would get at national ‘Big Box’ supply stores. We focus on building strong relationships with our clients, ensuring they always feel heard, valued, and satisfied with our services and products.

So, christchurch builders, we encourage you to support local businesses. Shop with us at Construction Products and contribute to the growth of the local economy, while getting the best quality construction supplies in return.

As a part of the Auckland community, we also champion the Auckland Buy Local initiative. By supporting local businesses, we’re not just keeping money within our community; we’re also fostering local jobs, enriching our local culture, and taking a stand against corporate monopolies.

Remember, our success lies in your success, and we are committed to providing you with everything you need to make your construction project a triumphant one. For more information or for any queries, please reach out to us at mail@constructionproducts.co.nz Together, let’s build a stronger, more vibrant Auckland.

For quality, variety, and exceptional service, choose Construction Products – your local provider of quality construction solutions.


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