Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee

About Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee

    At Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee we are a little bit different. Our coffee is proudly Peruvian. In fact our coffee only comes from a small mountainous region in Northern Peru, recognized for its exceptional and distinctive high quality coffee. You will see our coffee selection is so good it doesn’t need to be blended with coffees from other countries!
    We also live by the values of giving back to the coffee growers and their communities (without them we wouldn’t have coffee!!) through financial support and our horticultural expertise to help and motivate them grow better coffee. 100% ethically sourced.
    All of Three Llamas coffee is specialty grade and grown in micro plots.

    At every stage from the growing coffee cherry through to the cup we strive to make the process as sustainable as possible.

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    Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee


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